Technology Today: Jason Kofke Exhibit

December 10 – January 28

Join us for the opening reception of Technology Today featuring work by Jason Kofke on Saturday, December 10, 2016. Using mainly salvaged materials, Jason Kofke uses art to study and explore a variety of past cultural phenomena. In his artwork, meaning is attributed to events and artifacts of the past through images of what has been abandoned, discarded, or abrogated. His projects empathize with communal historical experiences and attempt to make sense of the present through a re-exploration of a common history. His work utilizes the things through which events and meanings are communicated: the projection screen in the classroom, the notebook page in the library, the snap shot at a crime scene, the satellite transmission into the living room, and the digitized image archive. Kofke’s work uses the very medium he comments upon to explore the effects, dependency, and implication of technology in our current society.

Specifically, this exhibition explores the notions of Catastrophe Theory – a debunked mathematical study of sudden change. Kofke utilizes a failed theory to objectively understand what he claims are failures of humanity in previous generations: The Nuclear Program, the Cold War, Global Consumerism, Racist Ideologies, and Radical Industrialization. The artist translates these cultural progressions into line-based, scientific illustration style renderings. Kofke exhibits these symbols with the intention to keep their historical relevance alive and bring greater purpose to choices made in the present. 

Jason Kofke is a recipient of a 2011 Artadia Grant and a 2009 Idea Capital Grant. He has been awarded residencies at The Arctic Circle Project in Svalbard, Norway; Milkwood Residency in the Czech Republic; ARCUS Project in Japan; Odysseys Residency in Costa Rica; Long Stories Project in Perm, Russia; ArtPrint Residence in Barcelona, Spain; Living Walls Converence in Atlanta, USA; the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China; and the Elizabeth Foundation in New York City. Kofke’s work has been exhibited at the A4 Center for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney, Australia; the HIGH Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Telfair Museum in Savannah, GA; Jack the Pelican Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC, FLUX projects in Atlanta, Kai Lin Gallery in Atlanta, The Elizabeth Foundation in NYC, Fuse Gallery, NYC; the Gallery of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China; Arthouse Gallery in Brooklyn, NYC; ARCUS Studio in Moriya, Japan; Artspace Gallery in Richmond, VA and RED Gallery in Savannah GA. He earned his BFA in 2005 and MFA in 2010 from Savannah College of Art and Design as well as Visiting Scholar Recognition from the China Academy of Ar. Though Kofke’s studio is based in Manhattan, he travels frequently for residency programs and photography expeditions abroad.
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